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Get a Sneak Peek at Geniuz City

Metaverse Land Grant

When you first download the Habytat App for iOS or Android you will automatically receive a land grant and home in Geniuz City. Then, your house and property will grow and improve as you visit and interact with them. Eventually your property can grow to the size of a metaverse acre and your house can become your dream home.

Geniuz City will be a near photo realistic word that is based on the city of Miami. Initially, you will be able to choose the style of house you want, then start customizing it to represent your personal style and taste. Every time you visit you will receive rewards that can be used to enhance, expand, and improve your property.

Once you hit level 30 (which should take about 30 days) your land will become an NFT that is deeded to you. Additionally, many of the things you grow and create will also become NFT’s that you own.

Land will be distributed based on a first come, first served basis. However, all the land is in prime locations, but by quickly getting to the NFT level can earn you a super-premium parcel.

Phase 1 will be limited to just 500,000 citizens.

Your land grows the more you interact and improve your property. Additionally, if you invite others to get a free metaverse land grant, your property will grow. Remember, that the more you visit, the more you will participate in the rewards generated by the Habytat Smarterverse.

Yes, the more you visit the more choices you will have.

Have parties, business conferences, shop, socialize, play games and much more is planned. Essentially, it will be a 3D virtual social network right on your phone or desktop. Plus, we have some big surprises planned.

Everything you do here will be worth it...

Social Relationships

A new way to connect with friends, colleagues and acquaintances in a world where you are always in control of your privacy and information


eSports, Games, Puzzles, Challenges, Competitions and riddles for fun, prizes, advancement, and learning

Business & Commerce
Business & Commerce

New tools to help you or your business Buy, Sell, Create, Collaborate and Communicate by bridging the SmarterVerse with the world

Life Enhancing
Life Enhancing

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence tools that can assist you with important life planning, socializing and business decisions

AI Pets are coming to the Habytat!

Beyond the experience


Through our "Metaverse Homesteading Act" we will grant land parcels and homes to qualified applicants. After achieving a predetermined level of active participation, the property will be deeded to our citizens. As recipients of land parcels interact with their property, the more that it can continue to grow, improve, and evolve.


As a deeded landowner, all our citizens will have equal rights such as voting on important matters and participation in the success of our world through reward and incentives only available to active citizens.


Our world will have an open development platform for creators and makers to both participate in world building and our open marketplaces.

While everyone has been wondering about the future of the metaverse, we decided to stop waiting for others to dictate what it will hold for us and started creating our own world...

SmarterVerse comes to life as the joint venture between DatChat and digital business developer Metabizz. The unity of their technological and creative vision brings together a diverse team — within the US and Latam — to create online spaces in the metaverse with the goal of revolutionizing the way we interact, exchange, and connect.

The Future is Now

Habytat 2022

Get access to the new world and become a property owner in the metaverse before anyone else